Chocolate Raspberry Protein Shake


You can make this without the protein powder but I like to use protein powder after I lift weights or when I haven’t been eating much protein in my diet. I’ve tried a lot of really bad powders but recently got a sample in a race packet of BiPro Protein Powder and liked it so much I ordered a container.  It’s the first powder I’ve tried that really tastes like nothing and mixes nicely. It’s also zero carb, zero sugar, zero fat, lactose free.
For the shake/smoothie – combine about 5 ice cubes, ½ cup each light chocolate soy milk and frozen raspberries, one frozen banana, and one scoop protein powder. If it’s too thick add a little bit of water and if it’s too thin add a few ice cubes or more raspberries. This tastes divine and is a healthy post work-out breakfast – you’ve got 2 servings fruit, protein, and calcium. It’s also perfect for picky kid/teen eaters – they won’t taste the protein powder!
Using this general method you can make several different recipes. Other variations I’ve tried include: regular milk/soy, peaches, banana; regular or chocolate milk/soy, strawberries, banana; regular milk/soy, blueberries, peaches; cooled chai tea, milk, ice (this is no carb); regular milk/soy, honey, banana. The variations are endless. Also, sometimes I add regular yogurt to get the bacterial benefits and added creaminess!