Snacktime: Carrot Apricot Spread

In my never-ending quest to find healthy snacks I decided to try a carrot dip … I’ve seen a bunch of these around lately and was curious. This one has very little spice and is very simple. Because of the simplicity you can really taste the main ingredients: carrots, cashews, and apricots. So if you’re not a fan of those, you won’t like this. Otherwise, give it a try – I spread on Wasa crackers but it would also be great on toast, melba toast, or pita bread.

Simply boil about 3 chopped carrots until tender, about 10 minutes. Add 1 cup raw cashews and 15 dried apricots, quartered. Cover and simmer until carrots are very soft, about 5 minutes more. Reserve 1/2 cup of the water then drain well. Transfer carrot mixture to a food processor, add the water, and process until smooth. Taste and add any spices or herbs you would like – some ideas include mint, cumin and cayenne, or simply a dash of S/P. Or, keep it plain and enjoy the simplicity of the flavors.  Chill for at least an hour then serve with your favorite bread or crackers.