Boo-licious! Halloween Cake Pops

Cake pops seem to be everywhere now … I see them on blogs, in magazines, in bakeries, and at markets. While I always thought they were super cute, I’m not a huge baker so I didn’t have any type of urge to try my hand. Plus, they looked difficult and time-consuming (i.e. scary) to this bake-phobe cook!

This weekend, however, the urge to bake just hit me. This is our first year in a house, with a yard, in a neighborhood … and our neighborhood is really festive! Running around the neighborhood I love seeing the pumpkins at the doors, autumn wreaths, ghosts and goblins of the yard, Halloween lights, and that amazing fake spider web wrapped around fences, trees, and doors. Holidays are great, but something about being in our home makes me feel more festive than ever and I want to decorate, bake, and create something fabulous for all the holidays coming up. Not that any of that was impossible in the condos and apartments we used to live in, but I think having grown up in a traditional neighborhood with big yards and holiday decoration has made me more attached to that type of environment. Now that my husband and I (oh, it’s our 3rd anniversary today!) have our own house and yard we both seem to be excited about the holidays and the traditions we create together. And yes, that is the long rambling story of how my holiday sentiment led to Halloween cake pops! 🙂

The recipe I used is from Better Homes and Gardens and when I saw how simple cake pops really are to make, I couldn’t resist!

*Some notes on preparation:

  • I made pretty large balls that fit nicely in normal sized baking cups. You can make smaller ones to fit in the mini baking cups if you prefer. One recipe made 18 large cake pops.
  • I couldn’t find pop sticks so I improvised using orange straws that I cut off – they seemed to work fine but were a little flimsy when I was coating. Once they were coated and set, they held up fine.
  • The recipe called for candy coating – I prefer real chocolate, but once I began to coat I figured out why the coating was called for – chocolate is much thicker and makes coating a bit more difficult. However, with a little effort they came out fine and the chocolate coating was divine. I used 6 oz. blocks of white and milk chocolate (covered about 8 pops with each block) so if you use chocolate, I suggest melting in that increment so the chocolate stays warm, smooth, and easy to coat during the coating and decorating process.


  • 1 box moist cake mix (any flavor, I used Moist Deluxe White)
  • 1 cup frosting (any flavor, I used Whipped Cream Cheese flavor)
  • ~18 oz. chocolate or candy coating (see note above, I used 6 oz. blocks and melted in increments)
  • Decorating sprinkles/candy
  • Pop sticks
  • Baking cups


Prepare any flavor cake mix according to the package instructions. Let cool and crumble in a large mixing bowl.

Add the frosting and beat with a mixer on low until blended. Form into small balls and insert the pop stick into one end. Place on a tray and let set in the freezer for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Once the pops have set, melt your chocolate or candy coating. I use a double boiler (glass bowl set over simmering water), you can also heat in the microwave if that works for you. If you use the microwave, heat on low power, in increments so you don’t burn the chocolate.

Next, carefully dip your pops in the chocolate (or candy coating) and use a spoon to cover the pop completely. I also twirled mine a bit to get the excess to come off and smooth the surface. If you use chocolate, (see note above), it will take a little more time to coat because the chocolate is thick. Once covered, sprinkle with your decorating sugar/sprinkles or press chocolate chips, candy pieces, raisins, etc. into the wet chocolate to decorate.

Place in baking cups and set in the fridge, standing up on a tray, so the chocolate cools and hardens. For storage, place in a container and store in the fridge.