Simple Pleasures: Brunch. At home. In pajamas.

This may be controversial.

I apologize in advance, but I have a bone to pick with Brunch.

Maybe it’s that I love breakfast and lunch so much that I can’t handle the thought of combining the two. Growing up, brunch was reserved for major holidays, like Easter or Christmas brunch. That seemed appropriate. Upon moving to Atlanta,  however, my husband and I were introduced to a brunch crazy culture.  At first we indulged, meeting friends at the popular brunch spots. It was nice. And expensive. And a time-sucker (it’s 3pm already??). But what really pushed me over the edge was the fact that, here and there, I started to get crappy meals. For the love of …. can no one poach an egg correctly?

So after trying to convince myself that I loved being part of the brunch crowd (who doesn’t look and feel great with mimosa in hand, right?), I quickly realized:

  • waiting for an hour or so for brunch sucked, especially on those “I’ve got a headache” weekends
  • i am way too time-oriented to find 3-4 hours of my precious weekend an acceptable amount of meal time – that’s reserved for long dinners with lots of wine!
  • if I order eggs benedict I really, really want a beautiful poached egg (and poached does not = raw)
  • if I spend $50 for breakfast food, it should be really good

Maybe I’m just getting older.

In any event, my husband and I now have a new routine – brunch, at home, in pajamas. It rocks. No more waiting in line with loud, 20-somethings click-clicking on their cell phones in between recounts of last night’s clubbing expedition.  No traffic/parking.  No under-cooked eggs. No over-priced meals. We roll out of bed, and fix something marvelous – perfectly poached eggs? No problem. Lox and everything bagels, extra capers please. Cinnamon pancakes. Crisp bacon. You get the gist. A cup of french-pressed heaven, kitchen windows open to hear the birds …

Perfect food and I still have a full day to jam in activities. My husband and I get more “us” time, my wallet rejoices, and all is well with the world.

Brunch reserved for holidays … as it should be.

2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures: Brunch. At home. In pajamas.

  1. Molly August 13, 2012 / 9:44 AM

    I LOVE your writing Ash. You should freelance! This post would be perfect for a food magazine!

    • thequickanddirtycook August 13, 2012 / 4:56 PM

      Thank you!

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