Help build a school!

I love teaching these amazing kids!

I’m asking for a favor – it will only take a moment of your time!

I started teaching English this year at the Fugees Academy. The kids are incredible, the mission is purposeful, and I care a lot about helping our organization continue its work. The Fugees Family, a non-profit aimed at helping child survivors of war rebuild their lives, provides 100% tuition free scholarships to our Academy.  All students participate in a soccer program and community service projects they create.  We work with families to help them find jobs and navigate health care and other services.  It’s a truly holistic approach and it works. It makes a difference to a child, a family, a community. And we operate 100% from donations and grants. It takes a lot of work to keep our school operating from a funding standpoint. Right now, we rent space from a local church … it is tight! Next year we won’t have space to take more kids.

After Thanksgiving, we are competing in a voting competition to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS! With one million dollars the Fugees Family will be able to begin building the first school for refugees in the country!

I’m asking for your help – If you are on facebook, please LIKE the Fugee Family and Chase Community Giving – you will be able to vote beginning November 27 until December 4; you can only vote once and it only takes a minute.

If you are a Chase customer, you can also vote here.

PLEASE VOTE. It will make a difference and it only takes a brief moment of your time.

Please post about us on your profile during the voting to encourage your friends to vote. If you are linked to a Greek network, company, church, alumni association, or any other type of organization that would be willing to promote us on their facebook page or website PLEASE consider reaching out to the person that can make that happen. If you write a blog, etc. please consider writing about this event. Again, it’s only one week and we truly need as much help as we can get. If you’re not on facebook, please consider sharing this with friends/family to encourage them to vote.

You can go to here for a toolkit and badges/etc if you have a website that would be kind enough to host it for that week.

I truly appreciate your time and effort.