Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas

Want to do something really special for that sweetie of yours? How about preparing a beautiful meal for the two of you to share … light some candles, crack open a bottle of wine? Or maybe you and your single friends want to get together for a night of eating, drinking, and friendship? Either way, when you cook a meal for your loved one(s) you get to skip out on the crowded restaurants, long lines, and save yourself a pretty penny (instead, maybe splurge on good wine and fancy chocolates for your sweetie!).

Here are some menu ideas to get your started:


I just posted about butter poached shrimp. They are AMAZING. If you’re cooking for a seafood lover, these are a great starter. Having a girls’ night? Shrimp cocktail and martinis sound like a great start to the night.

Blog_January 28, 2013

Or, maybe you’re going for an Italian-themed dinner? These Salad Caprese towers not only look great, but are refreshing and light for a hearty pasta meal.



If you’re looking for something a little on the sweet side and goes great with champagne … Goat Cheese and Roasted Pear Crostinis fit the bill.



Sides and Salads

A sweet & tangy Watercress salad pairs well with just about any entree. You can mix it up by using your favorite cheese and nut combination to top.


If your main entree is steak, or any other meat entree, creamed spinach pairs wonderfully!


 Using this basic recipe, you can create Roasted Green Bean “Fries” to pair with any entree you prepare!


 It’s pomegranate season and I’m currently obsessed with this tasty side dish:


Main entrees

If you have the time, and really want to wow someone, try pairing the Caprese Salad with Classic Italian Lasagna and garlic bread:


 Cooking for a vegetarian? These are some great options:

Spinach lasagna


 Cashew Citrus Tofu



Primavera Fettuccine Alfredo



And for the meat lover:

My favorite steak recipe … ever


For the garlic lover



My favorite pork loin recipe (would go wonderfully with the pear salad above):



On Valentine’s Day you certainly need a sweet finishing touch, here are some ideas …

The Tiramisu recipe found in this post is easy and delicious:


Dear chocolate lover, this stuff is dangerous:


If fruit and cream is more your thing, this dessert is simple, yet elegant:


I hope you’ve found some ideas for a sweet dinner with your lovebug, or best buds! There is nothing better than serving up a meal that is made with love and enjoyed by those you love. 😀


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