Roald Dahl’s Chocolate Cake Bars (and an introduction to my favorite food blog!)

Blog_April 21, 2013

So this recipe is basically chocolate, butter, and cream, which explains why it tastes so darn good and why it viciously tackles any chocolate craving you may have.  And it comes from my most favorite blog in the entire blogosphere … Pinch of Yum.

I try to keep up with the huge food blog world, but there aren’t many blogs that I follow, and even fewer that I use as recipe sources. Part of that is because I often find blog recipes not-so-quick-and-easy, but most of that is because I have a major thing for cookbooks and magazines. Which is why I also have a bookshelf problem. Pinch of Yum is the exception. So, why has this blog earned a special place in my heart? 

  • First of all, lets start with the cake pictured above. The recipe comes from a cookbook featuring recipes found in Roald Dahl’s books. Hello! English teacher and children’s lit fan here … if you can manage to get a chocolate cake posting that connects to some of my favorite children’s books of all time, I’m a fan.
  • The writer, Lindsay, is a teacher currently spending time at an orphanage in the Philippines.  Being a teacher that works with amazing kids from around the world, I definitely feel a connection to her non-food related work and let me just tell you about the adorable (SO FREAKING ADORABLE!) pics and video she posts with the children in the Philippines. Like the post from today that will make you grin from ear to ear and scream Hallelujah! Watch it right now and then come back … I told you it would be adorable.
  • In general, I really like her down-to-earth, friendly blog personality and I think it’s super cute whenever wife and hubby pair up as blog partners, as do her and her husband. Babe, you hear that? Maybe you could learn a thing or two about web design? 😉 They also have a ton of great resources for bloggers. I bought her photography eBook and although I haven’t spent as much time as I would like with the resource, it is beautifully written and full of great information. Her photos are gorgeous and she is very generous with her photography know-how.
  • Last, but not least, we should get back to the matter at hand – FOOD! I think we have similar palates because I want to try almost everything she posts. Most of her recipes are quick, easy, and whole foods, which totally jives with me. She understands the need for combining things like brownies and chocolate chip cookies, but also keeps it real with healthy picks like this lentil curry.

I hope you try this chocolate cake ASAP and check out my favorite blog too!