Infographic: Shop Safe Seafood

I have a major thing for infographics. A visual learner like myself just can’t get enough of the colorful pictures and engaging font.

So, I’ve decided to share some of the best ones I find with you from time to time. Today it’s not a happy-go-mango infographic, but I think it’s worth knowing and thinking about, especially since it can impact your health.

I’ve talked about my sometimes conflicting love of the ocean and love of seafood. Unfortunately our oceans are in a sad state of affairs, in a large part due to overfishing. But, this infographic made me aware of something I knew very little about – mislabeling, or as I would put it, lie-labeling. It comes from Oceana, an organization I highly respect. This refers to a study done in NYC to test the truth in seafood sales, but the message applies to just about anywhere (see the facts about other major cities below). Be careful where you buy your seafood (beware sushi restaurants!). Make sure it is a reputable vendor and a place you trust. Especially if you are pregnant or otherwise trying to avoid mercury. The more you know …


Source: Oceana