How to: Lobster Tail on the Grill

Blog_June 04, 2013

 Although you can basically grill all year long down here in the South, I definitely get more excited about grilling during the summer. Not only that, but I really love my seafood during the summer because it is such a light meal that seems perfectly matched with the heat and iced summer drinks! Treat yourself (and perhaps some guests) to sumptuous lobster on the grill; you can serve these along with a nice steak, as an appetizer, or as a main meal. I served these with grilled veggies for a light, healthy dinner. Ready within 20 minutes, you can’t beat the ease and taste of buttery grilled lobster. 🙂

Set-up Grill and Prepare Basting Sauce

Clean and oil the grill grates and for gas grills (which I use), turn the grill to medium-high heat. For charcoal grills, distribute the coals for an even heat.

Prepare the basting sauce by heating 3 tbsp. butter, 1 tbsp. lemon juice, and 2 minced garlic cloves (for every 4 tails) in a small bowl; you can do this easily in the microwave, heating about 20 seconds.  Place the bowl with the basting sauce on a small tray or plate you can bring out to the grill, along with a basting brush.

Blog_June 04, 2013-4

Prepare the Lobster Tails

Lay each tail, bottom side up (like the picture above), on a cutting board.  Using a large knife, cut the tails in half length-wise. You can either cut all the way through, or the way I prefer is to cut all the way to the top shell (but not through) so the tail stays in tact. I think it looks better and it is easier to handle a whole tail rather than halves. Open each tail like you would a book so the meat is protruding and season generously with fresh cracked pepper and coarse salt. Next, baste the open (flesh) side of each tail with the butter basting sauce.

Blog_June 04, 2013-3


Once the grill is hot, baste the lobsters once more on the flesh side and place them flesh side down on the grill. Watch out for flare-ups from the dripping butter and press down slightly with a spatula as needed so they open up properly.  Cook flesh side down for 4 to 5 minutes until you start to see grills marks and the the meat is turning completely opaque. Flip the lobster tails so the shell is against the grate. Baste the flesh several times during the next few minutes. Don’t overcook the tails – remove once the meat is firm and completely opaque.

Remove from the grill and serve with more melted butter and/or a green citrus sauce. To make the green sauce, simply mix a few scallions, cilantro, 2-3 garlic cloves, lemon juice, lime juice, and S/P to taste. I like to have one plain with butter and the other with the bright and tangy topping. You should be able to peel away the shell and easily pull each side of the tail out to enjoy!

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