5-Ingredient Ginger-Honey Pork Tenderloin

pork tenderloin

Hi guys! I hope your 2014 has gotten off to a good start. Last week we had extremely cold temperatures for a place that is called Hotlanta. Then, torrential downpours and a 60 degree increase in temps. The weather is testing us, yes she is. But, like always … the sun returns and I celebrated by trying to get outdoors as much as possible even though I had a lot of house cleaning/catching up to do this weekend.

What about you? Crazy weather in your parts? 2014 going well?

If 2014 hasn’t gone as hoped so far, things will get better. And you know what makes everything better? A good dinner. Yes, indeed.

Any recipe that contains only 5-ingredients is sure to catch my eye. Then, you add ginger, lemon, and honey – literally 3 of my favorite ingredients and I know I will love the dish.  This is quick, easy, and healthy. I made this on the outdoor grill, but you can also cook this with an indoor grill pan. No matter the method, cook until a meat thermometer registers 145 degrees and let rest 5 minutes before serving.

5-Ingredient Ginger-Honey Pork Tenderloin
Author: Cooking Light Jan/Feb 2012
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 20 mins
Total time: 25 mins
Serves: 4
  • 1 tbsp. grated peeled fresh ginger (I used more, but I LOVE ginger – go with your preference)
  • 3 tbsp. honey or agave
  • 1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp. reduced sodium soy sauce
  • 1 (1 pound) pork tenderloin, trimmed
  1. Combine ginger, honey, juice, and soy sauce in a bowl, stirring until smooth. Heat a grill pan over medium-high heat, and coat with cooking spray. Alternatively, oil the grates and heat an outdoor grill to medium-high.
  2. Sprinkle pork with freshly ground salt and pepper. Using a basting brush, brush the pork with the sauce. Add the pork to the grill pan or to the outdoor grill and cook until the pork reaches 145 degrees, about 15 minutes. Turn once half-way through and baste frequently with the sauce. (Use all the sauce as basting during cooking, do not pour on cooked pork to prevent raw meat contamination).
  3. Once cooked, move to a cutting board and let rest 5 minutes. Slice and serve.
Serving size: 3 ounces Calories: 178 Fat: 2.7g Saturated fat: 0.8g Carbohydrates: 14g Protein: 24.1g Cholesterol: 74mg